GAMEVICE: Turning your smartphone into a console

Ever you felt that there are good games for iPhone/Android but that the gameplay with the screen is not addictive and good enough? If yes, I found the perfect solution and it’s called GAMEVICE.

GAMEVICE is an accessory for your smartphone that allows you to play the games you like using a normal controller. This controller (for Apple devices) uses MFI technology that allows the user to plug-and-play without complicated configurations of Bluetooth – all you need to do is to plug your iPhone into the case and voila, you can launch the game.


This device is available in the Amazon and costs around £65-80, which is less than buying a PS Vita or a Nintendo Switch/DS.


Good for traveling the remote can be easily packed, perfect for those moments in the plane.

Also, you don’t need to disconnect the iPhone from the controller if you run out of battery. Everything you need to do is to use the Lightning port in the controller and the charge will be loaded on your phone.

The controller itself doesn’t work as a power-bank which makes it super lightweight – a must for something you will have in your hands for long periods.


The bad thing is that not all the games are compatible with the MFI technology since is a brand new technology made available to the developers end of last year (Technical Documentation).

Even though you have a lot of games available. If unsure, just install the GAMEVICE application in your iPhone and check all the compatible games. I’ve installed MicroMachines, Crazy Taxi, Asphalt, GTA, VirtuaTennis and Angry Birds – all for Free (which is one big advantage when comparing this solution with a full portable console).


The box looks like an Apple one, and the feel of the controller is nice and smooth. Also inside the box, you can find a quick user manual in several languages and two stickers (So Apple :D).

And now the best part, the unboxing, and testing:


In case you are interested in this AWESOME device, just click the following link and you will be redirected to Amazon.

AMAZON.CO.UK | Gamevice controller for iPhone 6/6plus/6S/6Splus/7

AMAZON.CO.UK | Gamevice controller for the iPad Mini

This device is also available in the Apple Store, but I prefer Amazon since you always have a good return program in case that is not what you are expecting. It’s also available for Android (Pre-order).

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