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Gardening Society Oxford St. Rooftop

Oxford Street, John Lewis – 5th Floor

As they say, this is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street on our Gardening Society rooftop, opening for its second summer. Cool down with an ice-cold beverage served from the new Gardener’s Arms, rumored to be Britain’s smallest pub. Reserve a ‘summer house’ complete with private herb and flower garden and outdoor seating, or a larger ‘pavilion’ to sit and enjoy British-inspired food from a rooftop menu.


29 April – 4 September 2017

Sunday – Wednesday

last entry 8 pm
(closes 9 pm)

Thursday – Saturday

last entry 10 pm
(closes 11pm)

There’ll be National Treasures summer season moments, including fitness and gardening classes. Experience exclusive events, or simply sit and enjoy breathtaking views of the London skyline.

After all of this magic description on their website, I went there and was all true. Really nice and calm place in the middle of the city center. Perfect for a sunny day or for a cloudy day inside the private houses/sheds beautifully decorated.

A Bistro Bar is available for quick meals, tapas, cocktails and fresh fruit juices. Also, you will have the opportunity to visit a majestic garden with a lot of different flowers, fruits, and veggies.

A lovely place to go with friends and have a good chat.

Check some of the photos I took.






The world renowned gameplay quality has been finely tuned and refined to recreate the authenticity of the beautiful game, including a more realistic game speed.
Strategic Dribbling gives the user significantly more control in possession, with the addition of contextual shielding to protect the ball, as well as simple stick controls triggering realistic, subtle movements to wrong foot defenders.
Real Touch+ adds a new dimension to ball control, with full body touch allowing various parts of the body to control the ball based on the unpredictability of the ball movement.
Set pieces have been reworked with a new Free Kick and Penalty Kick system, alongside the option to choose the new one player kick off.


Realistic visuals recreate the authenticity of football, all the way down to the finer details thanks to Real Capture.
The benefits include true-to-life stadium lighting for day and night matches, pitch turfs and player tunnels that were recreated from more than 20,000 intricate elements of genuine data that was collected at the Camp Nou and Signal Iduna Park.
Players have been motion captured in equally realistic environments, allowing for a complete rework of the animation system, starting with core movement such as walking, turning and body posture.
Additionally, player models have been completely changed, with special attention paid to kit fitting and short size.
Players photo scanned from partner teams will receive full body tattoos.


A new mode dedicated to 2v2 and 3v3 co-op play, with support for local guests. Play together with friends, take your team to the top or simply have some fun via one-off casual matches.


The fan favourite RANDOM SELECTION MATCH returns with new presentation and features. Experience life as manager in MASTER LEAGUE with pre-season tournaments, an improved transfer system and new presentation elements, including pre-match interviews and locker room scenes.


New UI for all menus and real player images for gameplan screen and myClub, as well as new in-game presentation giving the game a new broadcast feel.


Compete in PES League in new modes including myClub, RANDOM SELECTION MATCH and Online co-op.


PC Steam version undergoes substantial enhancements in graphics and content, meeting quality standards and ensuring parity across all current gen platforms.


Stay tuned!

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Welcome to London Rui Sinel de Cordes

Thank you Little Portugal Project for the tickets, it was awesome.

Cordes, Out!”, is the new stand-up comedy solo by Rui Sinel de Cordes, the fifth and last in Portugal, before taking his humor to the United Kingdom.
“Out” speaks of life, dreams, but above all death – or at least the hell we cross until we get there.

At first, it doesn’t seem like a very funny show, but we are talking about Sinel de Cordes, a specialist in turning tragedies into laughter. After all, each display of “Cordes, Out!” will be a farewell party, and he knows about partying.

Rui Sinel de Cordes is often criticized for his black comedy – strong and non-stop, and the show at Leicester Square Theater (one of the most respected comedy rooms in London) did not disappoint. Strong jokes with an explosive lead for a mostly Portuguese audience (99.9%) who laughed all night. As we say in Portugal, it was ‘do caralho’ – fucking awesome.

It was the last show of the tour, and now he starts a new chapter in his life with several shows in english accrosss the comedy rooms and maybe in a year we can see him in the Fringe Festival.

Good luck and welcome to London Rui.


Business Skeleton Plan

You got an idea, and now? What is it that you need to do in order to make this idea become a solid and professional business? Here are my thoughts.

Starting a business is not difficult, not easy, not simple, not complex – your business will require a lot of effort from you and sometimes you don’t need to put a lot of money into it to have a sucessfull business. Nowadays, most businesses are made online, and even if it’s a local store you will still need an online presence to persuade a bigger range of customers.

But let’s focus on the online market, lets take as an example a business like Spotify/Apple Music. As a music business you will need to identify:

  1. Products to sell;
  2. Consumer market;
  3. Pricing for Products vs Consumer;
  4. Competition;

Let’s start from the bottom – COMPETITION. Spotify was one of the first in the market of music subscribtions and because of that they didn’t have so many competitors neither pricing lists to beat. But in case of Apple Music, they arrived to the market after Spotify, so they adjusted the products according to the competition. It’s good to analyse the competitors to see what they are doing well – because you will want to do it well too – and also to see where you can beat them because you have something better. In the current business Era all the companies require constant competetion analyses to make sure they can evolve and bring new advantages to their products.

Now PRODUCTS, what will you sell/provide to your customers? For a music service the product is music but how will you distribute it? You can identify 4 different products:

  • Song
  • Album
  • Discography
  • Full Access

To who do you want to sell these products? Who is my CONSUMER MARKET? You can identify 3 types of consumers:

  • Individual
  • Group of Individuals (Family – 2 Adults + 2 childrens)
  • Company (8 Individuals)

So now you need to build a PRICING matrix, like the one below (per year):

Individual Group Company
Song 2.5 3.75 12.5
Album 10 15 50
Discography 25 37.5 125
Full Access 35 52.5 175

And now? You already have the foundations so the next step is the BRAND. “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer. Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising”. In a bullet summary you will need:

  1. Name
  2. Term
  3. Logo

These three elements will be used in:

  • Business: Legal Contracts & Invoices, Terms & Conditions, etc..
  • Marketing & Advertising: Social Networks, Newspapers, Business Cards, etc…

If you are building an online store, make sure your brand name is also available as a web domain. You can check that easily, using GoDaddy:

  • Go to
  • Search for your brand name (I recommend domain .com because most of the people will search for it);

  • Check if it’s available;

Buying a domain is like registering the brand online, and an essential step on a successful business. After this, you have a quick skeleton of your business – which you can use to discuss with investors, friends and family. A good discussion will allow you to see the weaks, strenghts and adjustments required to your business skeleton.

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Stay tuned.

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Essential DIY Apps 

Do you like DIY projects? I’m really on in it, and I want to share with you the apps that I use most of the time.

A good project idea normally starts with Pinterest app which allow me to check similar ideas, trends and also some info graphics with the DIY procedure step-by-step. Other app with some projects step-by-step is WikiHow.

Pinterest on the App Store – iTunes – Apple

Pinterest – Android Apps on Google Play

wikiHow on the App Store – iTunes – Apple

wikiHow: how to do anything – Android Apps on Google Play

After that I need the material, you can buy new material but a good way to save some money is to get it free from Gumtree. Specially in London, there’s a lot of people moving home and some times they have that furniture that they don’t need at a lower price or even free to collect. If you are in other countries probably you have other second hand selling platforms, for example in Portugal you can get this from OLX.

Gumtree Classifieds: Buy & Sell – Local for Sale on … – iTunes – Apple

Gumtree: Buy and Sell Locally – Android Apps on Google Play

If you are painting a room you would like to see the project idea before buying the paint and for this I use an app called Dulux Visualiser that allow you to take photo and replace the colour of the walls – and in case you want, you can buy the paint directly from the app. Again if you’re in a saving mood you can search in Gumtree for free rest of paint.

Dulux Visualizer on the App Store – iTunes – Apple

Dulux Visualizer – Android Apps on Google Play

Do you need to hang some frames/pictures in the wall and want it to be aligned? Just use the inbuilt app from your iPhone, go to the Compass app, swipe left and turn it to landscape mode and that all you need – a level. Alternatively you can use the Bubble Level app.

Bubble Level for iPhone and iPad on the App Store – iTunes – Apple

Bubble Level – Android Apps on Google Play

After you finish your project, just use Instagram to share it with the community. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #uartstyleDIY and you will see your project published in

Stay tuned.


verb (used without object), traveled, traveling or (especially British) travelled, travelling.
1. to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey:
to travel for pleasure. move or go from one place or point to another. proceed or advance in any way. go from place to place as a representative of a business firm. associate or consort:
6.Informal. to move with speed. pass, or be transmitted, as light or sound.