Creating an IFTTT account and the first recipe

You can create a new IFTTT account and setup your first recipe in 9 straightforward steps.

Go to and fill the form with your email and a password.



After clicking Create account you will be redirected to IFTTT main section. Click My Recipes to create a new automation recipe.


Click Create a Recipe.


Remember, you need a trigger and an action. Check my previous post about IFTTT.



The automation recipe that we will create is a Blog notification email every time a new post is published.

Choose RSS New Feed item trigger.



Enter the Feed URL, in this case my blog rss feed. You should follow me too 🙂


Now we need an action. Let’s choose Email channel, and Send me an email action. This trigger will use the email that you have registered in your IFTTT account.

create_recipe_-_ifttt create_recipe_-_ifttt

You can setup the email subject and body using available commands (or ingredients). As soon you’re happy click Create Action, and confirm the Creation of the Recipe.

create_recipe_-_ifttt create_recipe_-_ifttt recipe_41672594_-_ifttt


Now IFTTT will do their work and check automatically every 15 minutes, and if i have posted a new article you will receive an email.


Stay tuned.

1 year ago

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