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London is a good place to start a Tech company. Why?

The capital is now the second most likely city in the world to create the next big tech giant, according to EY’s annual Attractiveness Survey, behind only San Francisco.


Since the creation of the Tech City project six years ago, London has emerged as Europe’s fastest growing technology hub while cementing our status as a world-class destination to live and work – Boris Johnson


  • Multi-language city
  • London office hours overlap with countries that collectively generate 99% of the world’s Gross World Product
  • Financing and Investment
  • Fast/direct flights to european countries
  • Rate/hour
  • Great network of both public and private organisations working together

Connecting apps in a IoT world

Nowadays everything is connected by the internet.

Using online banking you can set-up app notifications when you are charged for something you bought, you can use your Oyster and check your balance online, you go to a shop and your smartphone alerts you to give a tripadvisor testimonial, you can use Starbucks app to order a Black coffee one sugar and pickup it from your closest shop, so many examples that you use everyday.

But if you want to build your own integrations between apps that you use? To do this i use IFTTT – abbreviation of “If This Then That”. With this web service, you can create recipes where you choose the trigger and the output action.


I will do a blog series called “IFTTT and Me”, where i will show you my recipes and teach you how to create your own integrations. I use this for several things which includes:

  • Evernote new note alerts
  • Save data into spreadsheets
  • Notifications

Stay tuned!

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How to force quit apps on Apple Watch

Sometimes apps get stuck in Apple Watch and you need to force quit to restart it. To do that you just need:

  1. Open the application that you want to close;
  2. Hold down the side button, below Digital Crown, until the shut down screen appears;
  3. Again, hold down the side button again force quit the active app.

Voilá, done!